Meet Curluxscious, the curly zone.

Curluxscious or CX for short, is a joyful-groovy themed small business created with much love and passion for helping people embrace their naturally wavy, curly or coily hair. Our signature product is the Essentials box that contains (spoiler alert) curly hair essentials, to get you started on your journey. Our products now include curly hair stickers, hoodies, tshirts and even our very own brand mascot, for the little curlies. We pride ourselves in having something for everyone! 

Meet the CX team!

Meet the Curluxscious Team, who are working very hard to help you embrace your natural hair!

We did mention we are a small business, didn't we?

Even in your curly hair journey, knowledge is power. Products are only half of the equation.

- Adelina Popovici, founder.

Business values

At Curluxscious, our values are not just words; they are crafted through personal experiences that have shaped who we are. From the founders' own journey, we've cultivated a set of values that reflect our deep commitment to making a positive impact. These values include 'Self Esteem & Confidence,' 'Inclusivity,' 'Resilience,' 'Passion for Knowledge,' 'Personal Experience Driven,' 'Accessibility,' 'Eco-Conscious Commitment,' and 'Mental Health Advocacy.' They form the heart of our mission, guiding us as we empower others to love their natural hair and contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Have a read to get an understanding of the kind of business you are supporting <3



Keep spreading curly hair positivity!

- Adelina Popovici, founder.

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