Wet frizz & how to get rid of it while styling

Wet frizz & how to get rid of it while styling

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If you're on a quest for frizz-free, perfectly defined curls, you're in the right place. Styling curly hair can sometimes feel like a challenging journey, but with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve the luscious curls you've always dreamed of. In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to a game-changing product that will revolutionize your hair care routine – continuous mist spray bottles. Say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair and hello to hydrated, gorgeous curls.

introducting continous mist bottles

Continous mist bottles

Before we get into the product itself, let's talk about the elephant in the room: wet frizz.

What is wet frizz?

Wet frizz is just that - frizz that occurs when your hair is wet. It can look a bit like this:

wet frizz thread reddit

You see all of those reckless randomly flying around single strands of hair? Yup, that's wet frizz! When you dry your hair, it will only get worse. As curly hair dries, frizz can appear anyway (this is normal!), now if you add wet frizz to that, you'll end up with excessive frizzy hair.

What causes wet frizz?

This can happen for two reasons: not having enough moisture in your hair, or not having enough water. You might see this frizz right after washing your hair. That might mean you need to go back in with some extra conditioner. 

If you see it while you're trying to style your hair, it means you need to add more water and a quick brush through to smooth down the hair. 

But... why?

Water helps product absorb into the hair shaft, it acts like a transporter. Think of applying moisturizing products onto dry hair. It sits on top, unable to absorb into the hair. With damp hair, you are most likely to end up with flakes of dry product and a lot of build-up. Yaks! That means using water, your product will be able to absorb into your hair, making sure your hair is nicely moisturised. 

SUMMARY: Wet frizz is caused by lack of moisture and water in the hair shaft. Simple ways to fix wet frizzy hair is by adding enough moisturising products (such as conditioner or leave in/curl cream) and by adding water using a mist bottle. 

Now that you (hopefully) have a better understanding of wet frizz, let's talk about mist bottles. They are a great, easy way to abolish wet frizz. And I knew you would be wondering: what's the difference between a spray bottle and a mist bottle?

Take a look!

mist bottle vs spray bottle, what's different, which one is better, how to guide

 We'll keep this one nice and short. Spray bottles are fine and are a hairdresser's bestfriend. But the spray is made of large water particles, while with mist bottles, the spray is a very fine mist. This helps curly hair, in particular low-porosity hair because the molecules are smaller and much easier absorbed that form. 

And my favourite reason of all, mist bottles (at least ours) are continous, that means one single spray lasts for 4-5 seconds while a spray bottle you get a 1 second spray per spray. Using a mist bottle, you cover a lot more ground (hair) in less time, and it hurts your wrist less. This is especially great if you have really thick, high density hair or type 4 hair. Trust me when I say it will save you time! 

When should you use a mist bottle?

You can use a mist bottle when you're styling your curly/wavy/coily hair. You can use it:

  • before leave-in conditioner
  • to emulsify products eg. curl cream or styling gel
  • to replenish water before applying gel (for absorbtion)
  • to refresh your hair (click for a dry frizz-fighting refresh video)

I'll give you some examples.

After I hop out the shower, I always put my hair in a microfibre towel to plop (click to watch definition video). By the time I come around to styling my hair, my high porosity hair will be quite dry. So I will start getting some water back into my hair using a mist bottle to help my styling products absorb better. Then I will follow with a leave in, and so on. 

Other times, my hair is still fairly wet when I apply my leave in or curl cream. But when I get to the gel I realise it would be best to emulsify it as it might be too thick, so I want to help it absorb into my hair once again.

Other uses for mist bottles:

  • to keep your plant babies hydrated
  • DIY face mist
  • DIY room spray
  • to cool off in a hot summer day (use with ice!)

Feel free to drop any continous-mist-bottle questions you may have in the comments or contact us here.

Happy curls, happy styling!

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