How to fix wet frizz

How to fix wet frizz

You know that feeling when you've applied your styling products, you've brushed, scrunched in, but you've got that annyoing wet frizz? Let me tell you a secret. Adding more product won't fix it.

You know what will? Adding water! Wet frizz, like dry-frizz on the other hand, is caused by lack of moisture! 

Have you ever wondered why your hair gets frizzy when you step outside? It's because your hair is dry, it lacks moisture, so it pulls it from the air! That creates 'swelling' in the hair strand, making the hair kind of swell and stand out  - what we call frizz. This happens especially in hot and humid environments, like when you go to a beach or when you live in the UK like me, any day in any city! 

When your hair is wet, but is lacks moisture, it will try to do the same - to pull it from the air. Now hold on before I confuse you; let's recap, your hair is wet and it frizzed up because it lacks moisture and the solution is ... water? But isn't it already wet?

Yes! Well, the solution depends on whether you've applied products or not. Let me give you an example. Recently, I started wearing my hair product free a lot; purely because I didn't have the time or energy to put products in and diffuse it. The first thing you notice when you go product free and you're air drying your curly hair, is how frizzy your hair gets while it's drying! Curls are naturally dry, so this is explains why a lot of people get frizzy hair straight out the shower, and why they don't know they have curly hair!

The truth is, to really combat wet frizz, you're going to need a mositurising something - a leave in spray, a curl cream, apply that, and then spray with a bunch of water until you get that squishy sound when you've scrunching. 

But if you've already applied your cream or leave in and your hair is still frizzy, it might just need water, or a little more product. But to be safe, add water first, brush it through, and if it still frizzez up a lot, add a tiny bit of a mositurising product to it. 

Here's my trusy mist bottle for getting rid of wet frizz, so that your curls can dry nicely and defined (click photo).

Here's what people say about this bottle!

Oh, and if you want to learn another thing or two about curls, here's the free curly hair guide I created, with everything that took me years to learn, put into simple every day language so you can learn it too! Just click on the photo to get yours. 

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