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Essentials Bundle by Curluxscious

Essentials Bundle by Curluxscious

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At Curluxscious, we believe that accessories and techniques are just as important as products. That is why we created the essentials for curls, by curls. Hydrate, detangle and protect with our Essentials Bundle and discover healthier and happier curls, no matter their pattern.

Each box contains one mist bottle, one scrunchie and one hair brush, which saves you money and hair damage along the way! 

Why? Why are these the three essentials? 

Firstly, for curls to grow happy they need hydration. Sure, you can gain this from hair masks and styling products... But your curls need water in order to absorb the moisture. When styling, water is a key element that will define your end results! Damp styling will not do, curlfriend! For the best results, spray until soaking wet. You can also dilute the product in your hands by spraying some water on top, especially with gel that is not water based. Damp styling ends up in reduced definition and a lotttt of frizz.! Generally speaking, without water, the product won't soak in properly, they don't activate or hold your curls. Plus, you may end up with flakiness and added buildup. 

Next on, detangling! Regular hair brushes are not great for ANY sort of hair type, let alone curls, who need all the hydration and support in order to thrive. The plastic bits at the top of the bristles can catch the hairs, pulling and ripping them. This causes direct damage to the hair. We found the best detangling brush for curly hair to be what is known as the octopus brush, as it has 8 "tentacles", joined in the middle. The joining section can be moved up or down, or completely taken off to charge the width. The tentacles help with flexibility, they flow with the curl pattern to ensure knots go away smoothly, without pulling or ripping. 

Last but not least, protect. Silk is the best known material known to man so far for hair health in general. Regular hair bands are too rough, too tight. They create split ends, damage to the hair structure, knots, frizz and dents. Don't have your gorgeous wash day curls ruined by hair ties, switch to silk! Scrunchies ensure your curl pattern is not disrupted when you put it up and away out of your face, so you can enjoy yourself without the stress of hair getting in the way, as it tends to. It also helps reduce frizz and split ends as it glides down your hair, smoothing it nicely. 


To add,

This bundle has been carefully thought through, to ensure you have the very basics when starting your hair journey. The small decisions are the most important to get you going. All boxes come with free inspirational stickers, because this is a journey that needs support and encouragement just like any other! And remember, if there is anything else you have questions about, we are here to help as much as our experience allows it. 

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