When can I expect my order?

Please check the Shipping Info above - it should contain all the information you need. If you have additional question, please contact us here


How long does shipping take? 

Orders are packed the same day and collected by Royal Mail the next, unless the very rare occasion of the service being affected. 


 Help, I gave the wrong address!

Any changes to the address should be immediately brought to our attention (as close to the 12 hour mark as possible) using a contact form or a DM on Instagram @Curluxscious, or email us at contact@curluxscious.com.
Please always double check your shipping address before you place the order. we would hate for you to lose your goodies! xoxo

What's in the name?

The story behind our brand name is simple. We tried to incorporate the word curls into luxurious, because we believe curls are a luxury to have. They are sophisticated, beyond beautiful and sometimes high maintenance. Everyone with naturally textured hair should value their hair because curls and coils are very unique, hence why there are so many types of them. 


I need help choosing products.

For any product help enquiries, send us a message either through Instagram DM's @Curluxscious  or through our Contact page. In the meantime, visit our guides and blogs both on Instagram but also on our website. See our Curly Blogs here.  


Returns & Refunds

Returns are only accepted if the item arrived damaged and is reported in the first 24 hours within the customer receiving their order. Should any items arrive damaged, the return will be paid by us, so free of charge for you! Please email proof of damage to contact@curluxscious.com AND fill in this form. If you are unhappy with your order for whatever reason, we are always happy to help source the best outcome for you, please contact us! xoxo


What is Curluxscious? 

Curluxscious is a brand of products dedicated for natural hair. It is also a platform and community for you to learn about your hair and how to care for it. 


How do you pronounce it? 

Curl-lux-(s)cious - Our name is composed of the words curl and luxurious - because curls ARE luxurious! We also sign off as CX sometimes, for short. 


Who is CX for? 

The beauty of CX is that it fits everybody! There is something for everyone: whether you're not sure you have curly hair and want to find out, or you've already started your journey and need a little guidance; and even for those who are 'curly veterans' (who have been on this journey for years and know what they are doing). 


Where do you ship to?

We are based in the UK but we offer international shipping also! Check 'Shipping Info' just above. 


Do you have social media? 

Of course! We are on Instagram, Facebook, PinterestTiktok and Youtube! Make sure you give us a follow so you don't miss out on anything. 

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