The Story of Curluxscious

Curluxscious is the story of ambition, of passion, of hard work and dreams. But it all started with a girl, like all the stories of success. And this girl was driven by passion for curly hair, for building a community she can help just like she wished she had when she started her journey. If you have been taking care of your curly hair for a while, you know what I mean.


But you should know what’s really hard about having curly hair. The time before you start. Oh yes, you read that right. The time before you start your curly hair journey is the worst: you treat your hair like straight hair, yet when your straight haired friends wake up they look fabulous and you look like you’ve been sleeping in a dumpster! You wash and air-dry your hair, its frizzy. You blowdry it, its frizzy. You straighten it, it won’t stay straight. You brush it like everyone says, it goes clown fluffy as I like to call it. Because you are a clown if you believe you have straight hair if you just related with what I said. It’s not weird, it’s not just frizzy or fluffy, and it’s most definitely not straight; it’s curly. Periodt.

Except from, I’m not done. If your daily struggles sound a bit like this, if you ever had a desperate hair cut (that most likely went wrong) and felt you couldn’t live without your heat tools, then let me let you on on a secret: you may have curly hair. 

This was a lot of what my life was like before I realised, I had to treat my hair for what it really is. I remember feeling ugly compared to my pretty friends who did nothing but brush their hair to look gorgeous.

It may sound exaggerated but growing up as a woman, your hair is the most important thing for your aspect. You can wear clothes that aren’t even your size, if your hair is fire, you are fire. You will walk across that road, corridor, hallway, whenever you’re going, with confidence. So don’t let anyone tell you how much effort you should and shouldn’t put into your hair. I hope this answers your question, if anyone wondered if the founder of this company even has curly hair.

Yes curlfriend, and this is exactly why I’m here. To make you feel that you are not alone. You are validated, you are understood, you are seen. And if your hair means a lot to you, then join me. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not a know-it-all curly hair guru, I am learning new things every day along the people I have chosen to journey with. But I have gone far enough on my own to feel like I can finally share and care for others who feel like I have felt. So this is the main reason why I started this, along side many others. 

I invite you to be part of the revolutionary move for all the types of curls. Because nothing is more important than feeling like yourself in your own curls. Join us today on instagram @curluxscious and subscribe to our email at the bottom of our home page, for guides, hacks and tips straight into your inbox. I will see you there.

                                                           With love,

                                    Ade - SHEO & founder of Curluxscious


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