Our favourite Curlfluencers you can start learning from TODAY!

Our favourite Curlfluencers you can start learning from TODAY!

Social media can be an amazing place for learning to care about your curls while having fun and enjoying the journey. We have selected a few of our favourites that we personally have learnt a lot from. Get to know them and learn along with them and us, how to embrace your natural hair. 


Swavy Blonde - Alina

Alina is one of the first curlfriends relevant to our personal hair journey, the person who motivated us to start caring for our curly hair the right way. She has beautiful 2B wavy curls, currently wearing a perm. She has a variety of different posts for all curly subjects. We love how she summarizes the content on her feed covers. This really helps to find relevant content that you want to watch while simply scrolling through her feed. 

Alina has started her curly hair journey with her long hair, compared to now with her short hair. So trust us when we say she can care for both!

There is so much that each of us can learn from her. While she is now wearing her perm, she is expanding her community to a whole new range of people who may also have their hair permed and need some extra guidance on how to go about styling it. Perming your hair doesn't mean your hair is not naturally curly, its simply a push to help it do it's thing. When cut off short, natural waves may lose their pattern as you cut "through" the wave itself, therefore it will need some extra support to curl like before. Alina found just the thing that works for her, which is perming. And we encourage you to do what is best for your hair, no matter what it takes. We are so excited to see what she has in plan for the future of her amazing curls! 


Next up, another 2B type curlfriend, 2Bornot2Bwaves - Kelly

Kelly is a great gel lover and is known to us as the 123Gel method pro. This is a styling technique which layers 3 gels to give a lot of hold and definition to your curls, something that 2B waves definitely benefit from. She is remarkable for her Wash day progression posts, showing us how different combinations of styling products perform throughout the week. This is great to watch if you have the same hair type, as you may find some of your new favourite products in her posts! 

Kelly has organised her "Guides" section into different categories, to help you find exactly what you are looking for. She also has posts covering the Ultimate Guides for Gel and Moisture, which go into insightful detail to help us all understand more about the science of what goes into our hair products and why they work like they do. Kelly, we love seeing your curls perform under different products and your informative posts. Thank you for all the effort you put into helping the curly hair community! 


Our beloved IndiaBatson - India

We love India for a bunch of different reasons. From her radiating smile to her amazing personality, India was the very first influencer in our personal journey. She has a YouTube channel which many many years ago we found extremely inspirational and lit the first light in our minds to think "Okay, maybe I AM curly and it's not just frizz". We are very grateful for her influence, as we would not be here today to tell the story if it wasn't for her great YouTube videos about curly hair. 

Besides her inspirations videos for curly hair embracement, India has great posts about loving yourself just the way you are and embracing all of you. She also has a great series of girl talk on her stories which a lot of women join into, to discuss "taboo" subjects such as sex life, shaving down there and periods. India creates such a beautiful and safe environment for girls of all age to ask questions and get educated. We love you India, curls and all! 


Drumroll playing foorrr CurlyboyChuck - Chuckie Vega

Chuck is an amazing influencer and advocate for curly hair men. He breaks all the stereotypical views by showing men that it's normal to care for yourself and your hair. He has a bunch of different content testing different haircare products, skincare and shaving tips for men, all packed with amazing humour. 

We love Chuck for showing men that they need self care too and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! At Curluxscious we try to be gender supportive as we recognise that curly haired men may need some extra help with their hair too, and we found Chuck to be just the influence for that. We thank you for all your community support Chuck! Keep representing the curly kings of our curly community! 


Bring on Twirlycurl_with_a_t - Sionice

Meet Sionice, a proud transgender curlfriend who we love to bits! She is memorable for her amazing humorous curly hair posts, she brings both information and fun to the table. What more could you ask for in the curly world? 

Throughout her posts you will find content like holiday curls, root clipping, curly hair up do styles, seasonal haircare, as well as transgender support and awareness posts, and a lottt more useful content about trying different products. You may find this useful if you have a similar hair type. Sionice, we love your vibes and positivity, your curls and your humour! Never change, always be yourself! 


The next mention is actually a brand for Kids with curly hair. CurlyEllie 

Curly Ellie is an amazing page to follow if you have curly haired children. They have amazingly affordable products, specially formulated without any harmful chemical, perfect for children! Growing up with curly hair can be so difficult, as we know from experience. It's really important that parents play an active roll in curls education and encouraging the little ones to love their hair for what it is! Curly Ellie does just that, providing posts about how to use their products and guides for all parents. 

Curly Ellie features their happy junior customers, so you can explore and find other parents helping their children care and love for their curls! Curly Ellie, we absolutely love your mission and what you stand for. We really wish you existed when we were little too! 


 Bow to our curly king, Akivashair - Akiva

Named Curly King by Shea Moisture themselves, Akiva is another amazing influencer for men's haircare and self care, here to prove to you that caring for yourself is 100% masculine, despite the stereotypical views STILL present in 2022 (I know, we can't believe it either). 

Akiva has amazing posts and guides of braiding men's curly hair in different hairstyles you did not even know existed. We're all here for it! 

His amazing feed features hairstyles, testing products, men's skincare, hairstyles for working out for those of you who hit the gym, and a lot more. We absolutely love seeing him spread positivity and support to all men who feel left in the dark about caring for themselves. Its time for you to shine under the light, guided by the curly king himself. Akiva, we love the message you are spreading, and seeing your iconic hairstyles which inspire men all around. Keep your head up, king! 


Another one for parents of Curly Kids, here to make your life easier, we present Ejwalrus - Ej

Ej is the creator of the amazing book for kids called "I love my beautiful hair".

The book is available to buy on Amazon as well as other stores (visit her bio link). We believe in her mission to spread curls positivity to children, as they are the future of our beautiful curly community. For many many years, curly children (which are the influencers of today's community), grew up hating their hair, feeling different from others, growing up to be adults relaxing and straightening it just to "fit in" with the crowd. Thankfully to them, Curly Girl Method was invented as a breakthrough in the curls history, to teach all curly heads that its time to return to the natural and let our curls shine. Its so so important to keep teaching the children about their roots and their natural hair, so that the mistakes committed in our past do not happen again. 

We have faith in a big bright curly future, thanks to people like Ej, who ensure to teach our children to love their hair just the way it is. In her feed you can also find posts about being bilingual, as we can also personally relate to. Her book is actually in both English and Spanish, which is amazing if your children are growing up in a household of native speakers of both. Or simply for educational purposes. We love what you do, Ej! We look forward to seeing more releases from you! 


Last but not least, Curlyfitmom - Danielle Doan

Known for her amazing body positivity posts as well as curls encouragement, Danielle has a very special place in our heart. She is an amazing inspiration to all those who are looking to commit to a healthier lifestyle, to head into adventures and embrace their natural self's. But even closer to our home, entrepreneurship and curls, which is exactly what we do. 

Danielle's feed has something to offer for everyone, whether you are looking for some peaceful moments of motivation to get through your day, or working on yourself, weight loss journey, curls tutorials, adventuring and living your best life no matter what, she really has it all.

We absolutely love heading to her stories after a hard stressful day, and hearing her radiate positivity left and right! She is currently running her own business which is an amazing Virtual Gym and is highly encouraging us all to find our passion in life and turn it into our day to day job, for a life full of freedom and working for ourselves instead of an employee who doesn't value our work. We found this message to be extremely helpful in times of doubts about creating this website. So thank you Danielle, for that extra push which got us where we are today! We are forever grateful!


 The list, of course, doesn't end here. But these are a few of the influencers who made a difference for us personally. We would love to hear which of these you follow or will start following from now on. This is your sign to head to Instagram and find YOUR community which inspires you to keep going in your daily life, whether is curly hair, or accepting yourself for who you are. This really is the ultimate message behind ALL curly hair posts, Loving yourself for who you really are, unapologetically. We encourage you to do the same.

Remember, like  Aussie said, "there is more to life than hair, but its a good place to start". You build confidence and find yourself along your curly hair journey. And it's what really keeps us going! 

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