Is your hairbrush damaging your hair?

Is your hairbrush damaging your hair?

Let me tell you, if your favourite styling products stop looking so good on your hair, if your definition is not holding and your hair becomes flat and lifeless, it may not be what you think. It could be your hairbrush. For me, it was! 

I was about 2 years into embracing my natural hair, I had already cut off heat from my routine; I learnt how to style my hair, how to choose my products, I tested a bunch of different stuff and documented my results. I got to the point where my routine was nice and easy, my hair loved the products, but my washday results started to flop. My definition was going out the window HOURS after difussing my hair. I still had split ends although my hair was healthy, and lotssss of frizz! I tried everything from chelating, to masks, to changing my products, routine and styling techniques. Literally nothing worked. Until... I changed my hairbrush to a 'tentacle' or curly hair brush. It took me SO long to realise that my wet brush was actually damaging my hair. The more time I spent using that brush, the worse my hair was getting. My wet brush was flexible which was great, but it also had those little plastic heads on top of the bristles. My hair was being caught in between them, and without realising I was ripping my hair out, causing split ends, frizz and friction damage. 

Photo of my hair using wet brush below - you can see the definition (these are all day 1 photos) but you can't see how easily it was flopped. And look how flat and frizzy my hair was!

wet brush causes frizz and split ends on curly hair

I still remember how shocked I was at the results of my first washday with my curly hair brush. I couldn't believe how different it FELT to detangle and style my hair with this brush, but also how much better my hair looked. I loved how easily it was gliding through my curls; A good hairbrush should be flexible, it should glide through your hair and make your detangling easier, not harder. And what I love about this brush is that there's no paddle, it's hollow so it's so much easier to clean. 

I put an 'after' photo so you can compare the results. 

curly hair brush by curluxscious

When it comes to wavy & curly hair, sometimes the small changes are the most important in your routine. That's why, high quality products are only half of the equation when it comes to styling. Sometimes, you need to think about your techniques and the tools that you are using as well. 

I hope you learnt something today. Feel free to comment below or message me other subjects to talk about in our Curly Blogs!


Until next time, curlfriend! 



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